29 October 2009

rugby + ant.

the blabbers said " WE LOVE SHOULDER PADS"
n that we tuck like 20 shoulder pads onto our shoulders at one time.
the result is : one looks like rugby player, n the other one looks like a polka dotted "ant" .
o well...

the ant is wearing:
polka dot top - house of holland
belt - APC
shredded jeans - twinkle

for the rugby player:
she needed to rush for the rugby match, so...it's a bit rush to get the information
sorry abt that, tell me if u wanna know.


o by the way

26 October 2009

u see the patience n hard work behind them.

the blabbers with their shredded jeans skirt

ALL from ninth of march

u know, it takes a lot of time to make sth like this. but the result definitely worths the time spent.
i think u guys should try to make sth like this on ur own, if and only if u have the time n patience.
u will be greatly satisfied after having worked on it.
this is sth that i can assure u.

sth lacey.

i m wearing my favourite lace with shoulder pads!

top = deadskin
belt = unknown
jeans = deadskin
shoes = zara

"shoes" is always my good good friend.

i m sorry to say that i DONT WANT TO upload anymore of these shoes cos...cos...i feel so jealous right now! i still havent got any of these! sigh~

25 October 2009

he looks really funny.

i wanna know him. is there anyone a frd of him?
i mean it. no kidding. very very serious.

some good ones.

i have been searching for some good shits thr the net n mags for the whole nite. some ppl's blogs really inspired n gave me a lot of favourable elements, which is rarely be seen in magazines or on tv. blogging is such a great "invention" that it makes our life become easier yet funnier, at least to me :) i really adore those bloggers who did give me some new insights for fashion. and it's YOU, YOU, YOU n YOU!

23 October 2009

when the blabber is working.

s serious take. a "more" serious take, i'd say :)

behind the scene

me with the mary mouth.

22 October 2009

the color brown.

to be honest, i dont really like the color brown personally, n this is the one n only one brown colored item in my closet. striped, which is always my favourite pattern. chocolate brown is sth great, feel like wanna have a bar of choco whenever i see this color. no exception this time. gotta go grab a 'twix" right now, bye!

21 October 2009

jeremy scott is not the only one with a sport line.

PPQ x adidas

i doubt if the real pieces would be good cos i havent seen them yet.
i have this post only because of these great pictures.

ok...let's continue with some more fun.

always feel exceptionally happy when i m wearing bootlegged jeans. i just dont understand why. however, i just found that bootlegged jeans is not that easy to be fit with! i had been searching everything out from my closet, n finally i got sth like this. just hope that what i have today wont make me look stupid. looking stupid is definitely not sth i want. and if i do...pls pls pls...tell me :)

the cashmere.

something feminine

love the colors
love the texture
love the styling
love everything inside it

got hung.


cant help to be naughty even tho we are doing sth serious.
we'd been trying very hard not to laugh, but......we couldnt.
this is so funny.

black oversized top and belt = ninth of march
light grey jeans = zara

light/dark grey oversized top = deadskin
super skinny jeans = deadskin
belt = unknown

i love Hong Kong.

"dont mean to be hard sell, but i really do.
i do really really LOVE Hong Kong."

iluvhk tee = flea market for only $20HKD!!!!! :)
blue mesh = aa
super skinny jeans = deadskin
shoes = junya x garcons

19 October 2009


the blabber said:
"i m not sure if this adidas top matches the cargo pants. the only thing i know is: i feel like having a can of coke."

top = adidas
pants = HnM
leather belt = from twinkle
shoes = hobbs
coke = coca-cola :)

18 October 2009

she is an honour.

the blabbers were having fun.