25 November 2009

my new shoes.

i m here feeling very excited to introduce my new frd to u guys, haha! i bought it just yesterday n i just cant wait to wear it today! once again, brown is not the color i always choose, but this time, i got this pair of shoes in brown rather than in black because of the secondhand feeling that it gives me!

striped coat = deadskin
top = muji
chino pants = polo
shoes = I. T.

22 November 2009

the furry coat.

the blue color of this coat is the reason of getting it, without any hesitation.
i like it also the way that it's cropped at the back.

coat = twinkle
top = random
pants = AA
shoes = zara
belt = twinkle
shades = dries van noten x linda farrow

18 November 2009

the chain jacket.

woohooooooo! isnt this chain jacket amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it soooooo much! i hope this kind of cold weather can leave soon so that i can wear it out!

17 November 2009

when the blabber is working again.

falling in love with the mood of these pictures.

14 November 2009

shooom shooom shooom.

lace top = deadskin
pants = philip lim
shoes = zara

white tank = random
leathered tube top = twinkle
jeans = zara

haha i like the effect of these pictures.

08 November 2009

let's go green.

coat = sunaokuwahara
mesh top = twinkle
mint green top = splendid
striped tube dress = zara
tight = random
shoes = apc

03 November 2009

we are back.

still conscious n my legs still look ok.

the blabber shines with her sequin skirt and dances comfortably with her UGG boots.

the sexy cat woman

partying in the warehouse

love her costume!

everyone was carrying a big big smile

so squeezed!

well, i almost forgot that i did take this pic when the party was done. haha

my very good frd bruce lee the second was rocking with us that nite too!!

haha her outfit was lovely!

outside the warehouse where ppl were chilling

santa claus came a bit earlier this year!

o...been sick and very tired lately that i didnt update for a while. sorry :-)
i went to taipei for subcrew's halloween party, n got so wasted that nite that i danced so hard, too hard that i fell off from the stage. nothing was with me except the bruises n the pain i felt after waking up. it was a wonderful nite, everyone, including me of course, was so high bumping around. finally i got all these wonderful pictures to share.