09 May 2010

masters of merge.

absolutely amazing.

10 March 2010

lemme recap

was in macau for 2manydjs.
it was 2manyfuns nite for all the blabbers
yer, they are all my blabbers.

woohoo finally i can get back here!

it's more than a month since the last post!!! i couldnt log in here cos it said to me like a month ago my login password is INCORRECT! what?!??!?!??!!??!?! why was it. then i found that my email account is actually got hacked by somebody, n there were so many emails sent by me to some unknown ppl. this is really.....scary, when i got the report sent by the gmail team!!! i got hacked!!! i dunno why i always experience this kind of troublesome things. last time my fb account got hacked too! well, i dunno if i have a bad habit on secure surfing or i m just only bad luck, but anyways, i m glad that i m here again. n thx for the support of gmail team, tho the movement is a bit slow, but still...it did save me.

my lalaland, i miss u. n i miss u guys too!

20 January 2010

it's preen again.

always nice; never disappoints me.
preen, u r the queen!

preen 2010 prefall

10 January 2010

lets have some fun.

captured the everyday life of the blabbers.
it's always joy that u can see.

04 January 2010

adding colors in 2010.

happy 2010! i had been busy partying lately! first, it's xmas, then my birthday n new year. i was soooo exhausted after all those heavy fun! i had a great great time celebrating with my frds, so what about u guys? did u guys enjoy yourself too? hope that u do n wishing u a wonderful 2010 :)