03 November 2009

we are back.

still conscious n my legs still look ok.

the blabber shines with her sequin skirt and dances comfortably with her UGG boots.

the sexy cat woman

partying in the warehouse

love her costume!

everyone was carrying a big big smile

so squeezed!

well, i almost forgot that i did take this pic when the party was done. haha

my very good frd bruce lee the second was rocking with us that nite too!!

haha her outfit was lovely!

outside the warehouse where ppl were chilling

santa claus came a bit earlier this year!

o...been sick and very tired lately that i didnt update for a while. sorry :-)
i went to taipei for subcrew's halloween party, n got so wasted that nite that i danced so hard, too hard that i fell off from the stage. nothing was with me except the bruises n the pain i felt after waking up. it was a wonderful nite, everyone, including me of course, was so high bumping around. finally i got all these wonderful pictures to share.


Nathalie said...

Nice shots!

J for Joyce said...

haha fun!


Hi, thanks for the comment, your post just woke me up.. Lol
Check out my blog, I may take you to the next Paris Fashion Week ;)
I'm following you now with rss feed, follow me too!

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Valeriesoh said...

Hey babeeeeeee...... love that bumping shoulder pad action you have going on!!! lucky you went to taipei... I wanted to go but I had to go to nisekooo... hwo areyou??

Dannie said...

there are just soo many great looks and pieces here- loooving the creativity!!

Valeriesoh said...

you toooooooooo

have a good one!

roxane said...

woww you have a nice blog+pics+clothes+parties haha! seriously what do you guys DO in hk? are u working/studying? anyways nice shoes as well :P

Karafina said...