10 December 2009

i m back.

inner cardigan = club monaco
outer coat = unknown brand
jeans = neighborhood
panda hat n slippers = got in from beijing!

thousands of sorry for being totally absent in here for the past 2 weeks. i have been too relaxed these days, n yer, i think i have to say a million sorry to myself as well. i m so distracted by all sorts of stuff recently, that i dont feel like writing at all. maybe it's becos of xmas coming soon! i just wanna have so much gathering with my frds! so, some ppl r asking me to update more frequently, n YES, I WILL N I SHOULD. sorry to those who have been waiting for me to update ( haha maybe there's none, i m just saying in case -_-" )

hope u guys r having fun with my "an an" panda looooooooooook!


Ellevictoire said...

ohmyy that hat is awesome! pandas ftw :)

polobandit said...

Hello! I love the blog and your super fun photo shoots (the shoulder pads were insane, so in love). I am a recent follower (on bloglovin) and posting more often would be desirable! I know things can get busy but I love to tune in and see what the blabbers are up to. Awesome blog and thanks for making me smile (the pandas are too cute).

<3 Theo

Fashion Cappuccino said...

So cute!! You come up with such great ideas! xoxoxo