10 March 2010

woohoo finally i can get back here!

it's more than a month since the last post!!! i couldnt log in here cos it said to me like a month ago my login password is INCORRECT! what?!??!?!??!!??!?! why was it. then i found that my email account is actually got hacked by somebody, n there were so many emails sent by me to some unknown ppl. this is really.....scary, when i got the report sent by the gmail team!!! i got hacked!!! i dunno why i always experience this kind of troublesome things. last time my fb account got hacked too! well, i dunno if i have a bad habit on secure surfing or i m just only bad luck, but anyways, i m glad that i m here again. n thx for the support of gmail team, tho the movement is a bit slow, but still...it did save me.

my lalaland, i miss u. n i miss u guys too!

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